People love how Gabriele D'Annunzio of D&B Tailors Makes Them Look!

I met Gabe several years ago with Pat Chambers, our former assistant, now the head at Penn State, kept telling me, ” This friend of mine, Gabe, he wants to make you a suit, he wants to make you a suit.” I kept saying no, no, I’m good … Once he makes you a suit and it’s custom fit, then your addicted … I got to slow him down a little bit. He’s becoming a rock star.

Jay Wright

Head Basketball Coach, Villanova

I’m Billy Olson and I met Gabe when I was about 12 or 13 years old with my Dad (who) used to come in here and it was really ‘Love at first Sight’. My Dad thought the world of him, as did I … when I got out into business, I first started having Gabe make my shirts … in my late twenties, Gabe began to make all my clothes; my pants, my shirts, my suits. And we’ve just had this life-long relationship … One thing about Gabe, I’d say that  he puts so much love and passion into his clothing … it’s not only the style, the fabric and the tailoring … you can feel the love.

Billy Olson

My name is Matt Espe and I’ve been coming to Gabe’s for my tailoring needs for several years. It started out with 2 pair of golf pants that he hemmed for me. I liked the way he did it. He had a little notch on each side, so pretty stylish. A few weeks later, I had a couple of suits that needed tailored and I though; Well, let me bring them into Gabe’s … and he just nailed it! . So it evolved from there to suits … everything looks amazing, it fits amazing. The process is fun and at the end you have something that nobody else has.

Matt Espe

My name is Vic Grizzle and I’ve been coming to Gabe for a little over a year now. I was introduced to Gabe by a friend who was very pleased with the suits he was having made here and so he introduced me to Gabe and I’ve been coming here ever since. I get some of the best compliments, and by the way, I’ve never received compliments on my suits before … The compliments I get are “Wow, what a sharp looking suit! What they don’t recognize right away is how good it fits, but I know that’s what makes the suit look great.

Vic Grizzle

I went to this particular store and nothing as usual, off-the-rack fit and so they recommended that I go to D&B … I’ve only known Gabe for about a year and a half and honestly, I wish I had known Gabe ten years ago or twenty years ago. I stopped going anywhere else after I met Gabe … The suits are phenomenal, the clothes are great. They fit perfectly … Strangers will walk up to me … and compliment me on my jacket and my suits. It gets embarrassing at times to the degree that people will notice and compliment.

Omar Haq