Image Consulting

D&B offers professional image consulting services for both businesses and individuals.

Image Consulting for Businesses

The D&B image consulting service, designed for professional firms, ensures that employees understand how to dress comfortably, stylishly, and appropriately for any occasion at which they represent their firm. Focusing on brand consistency and professionalism, the D&B team works with each client-facing professional and key internal employees on an individual basis. Beginning with an overview of the professional’s existing wardrobe, we explore simple ways to construct a consistent professional appearance on a daily basis. We also custom-design new pieces to anchor the wardrobe and tie existing items into a cohesive image.

Image Consulting for Individuals

The D&B image consulting service for individuals is an extension of our business service. We begin with a comprehensive wardrobe audit, during which we identify the best use for each existing wardrobe piece and examine some typical outfits the client would wear. We then dig into the client’s desired image, both professional and personal, to determine what items are missing from the wardrobe. D&B will then custom-tailor these garments or act as a personal shopper for the client to fill in the gaps. Finally, D&B leaves the client with a full style strategy encompassing all different types of occasions.