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Custom Tailor
Philadelphia PA 19139, 19104

D & B Tailors is a quality custom tailor offering design for a highly individualized, sophisticated look. Style is built not on fashion trends, but on personal taste and perfect fit. True sartorial style blends personality, quality construction and a custom fit. D & B creates patterns for each client based on his choices in fabric, color and cut.

The result is a sleek, high-end look that seems it could only belong to the wearer. A beautifully tailored appearance is still an asset in the business world, as well as in one's social life.

Bespoke Tailor
Philadelphia PA 19139, 19104

In today's world of instantaneous-everything, a bespoke tailor offers a welcome respite from costly yet low-quality clothing and hurried service. Pure craftsmanship is so rare that expertly tailored clothes have become the ultimate indulgence. Fine fabrics, knowledgeable design and first-rate customer service set us apart from ordinary clothiers.

At D & B, we perform alterations, cleaning and custom design. From casual wear to beautiful suits, our clients enjoy seeing their custom-made garments evolve from raw material to finished product over a minimum of three fittings. Our bespoke tailor services provide a polished look that rivals even the most renowned designers' ready-to-wear clothing.

Custom Tailors
Philadelphia PA 19139, 19104

D & B has served Newtown Square and the Philadelphia PA 19139, 19104 Area since 1966 as one of the most well respected custom tailors. Although we are a symbol of European craftsmanship in the area, designer Gabriele D’Annunzio is equally adept at designing classic and the most au courant styles.

Our clients trust us for the best fit, quality design and style perfectly suited to the individual. Our Master Designer skillfully adapts designs to very specific tastes, but is also happy to advise clients who prefer a little more guidance.

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