The most specialized and awe-inspiring offering from D&B is the Women’s Couture service. Couture represents a beautiful tradition of art and quality that has largely given way to overpriced, mass-produced designer goods. D&B recaptures the original luxury of the couture experience, working one-on-one with women to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind garments for any occasion.

As customers may draw inspiration from any design and obtain the most exclusive fabrics in the world, their options are limitless. From evening gowns to business suits to casual wear, Couture garments are the product of a collaborative effort between customer and designer. The experience of creating custom clothing with the guidance of a master designer is always cherished by our customers.

We invite you to come visit the shop and explore our style books, fabric selections, and design possibilities so that you can begin to discover the unlimited world of Couture at D&B.


Why should men have all the fun? D&B custom business clothing for women exudes power and class while projecting unmistakable feminine style. From pant-suits, to skirt-suits, to hard-to-find dress-suits, D&B offers women a world of options that simply cannot be found in designer collections, all with an impeccable fit.

Unlike standard women’s clothing, D&B uses classic bespoke tailoring techniques and the finest fabrics to create women’s business attire. And, like our women’s couture service, clients participate in the design process from start to finish.

D&B custom business clothing for women erases the fit and fashion difficulties that every woman feels whilst shopping, replacing frustration with perfection in the form of perfectly tailored, exquisitely constructed garments that will last a lifetime.


Imagine a world in which fit wasn’t an issue. Ever. This is the world of D&B custom clothing. As the finest custom clothier on the Philadelphia Main Line, we offer our customers custom garments for any occasion.

At the request of our many clients who bring their casual wardrobes to us for a tailored fit, we invite women to skip the difficult mall trip and visit D&B for wardrobe staples and one-of-a kind pieces alike.

Working with our Master Designer, women capture the essence of their individual styles, confined only by the limits of their imaginations. As always, D&B produces every garment by hand, guarantying perfect fit and unrivaled quality.

To enhance your wardrobe in any way you dream, please visit us for a consultation with the Master Designer.