Bespoke tailoring

globally regarded as the pinnacle of quality and sophistication, lies at the core of the D&B tradition. Truly the epitome of custom tailors, bespoke garments are defined by the unique patterns that are drafted and cut from scratch for each individual customer.

In choosing D&B bespoke, a gentleman enjoys virtually limitless choices and works with Master Designer Gabrielle D’Annunzio to identify the exact fabrics, stylistic details, and fit specifications that will comprise his exquisite custom garment.

Professional Custom Tailoring

The bespoke process involves a minimum of three fittings, but we will schedule as many as necessary to achieve a perfect fit for every garment during the custom tailoring process.

In some of these fittings, the unfinished garment will be tried on in a very raw state so as to ensure that every stitch is perfectly placed; D&B customers always enjoy the experience of watching their custom suits, overcoats, and tuxedos develop with each fitting.

D&B Custom Suits

Every suit makes a statement; a custom suit from D&B allows you to decide what that statement will be. The bespoke suit has been a staple of the sophisticated gentleman’s wardrobe for centuries, and D&B proudly offers full bespoke two-piece and three-piece custom suits in thousands of fabrics.

Your Suit Tailored Professionally

For the man with a shorter time-table or simpler fit requirements, D&B has developed a “semi-bespoke” option with fewer fittings and a shorter turnaround. Just because you have a shorter time-table, doesn’t mean you can not have your suit tailored professionally.

Bespoke Suits

Like the true bespoke suits, all semi-bespoke suits are hand-made in Newtown Square. To view our fabric selections, discuss style options, and examine sample suits, please schedule a consultation or simply visit the Newtown Square shop.

Custom Make Shirts

A man’s shirts form the foundation of his wardrobe, and a man can find no better foundation than D&B custom make shirts. Beyond the quality, beauty, and durability of exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional fabrics, D&B shirts draw out the most flattering aspects of a man’s body and complexion.

Custom Made Shirts For You

Master Designer Gabriele D’Annunzio guides clients through a rich array of fabric and style choices to create custom made shirts that ensure that the client is always well-dressed, no matter what the occasion.

To view fabric selections, discuss style options, and examine sample shirts, please schedule a consultation or simply visit the Newtown Square shop.