Alterations, Cleaning & Rentals


For clients who purchase ready-to-wear clothing, lose significant weight, or wish to refresh their wardrobe, D&B provides the best alterations tailoring on the Philadelphia Main Line. Just as for our custom clothing, the Master Designer himself performs the fittings, from hemming pants to completely reconstructing or even replicating favorite garments.

His incomparable expertise allows us to undertake even the most challenging alterations with the assurance of perfection, a promise only a handful of tailors in the world can make. To learn more about our alterations service, please schedule a visit to our Newtown Square workshop.


D&B opened a dry cleaning service in 1970 at the request of its many loyal customers, who could not find suitable garment care for their D&B custom clothes. Today, D&B dry cleaning has become the first choice for discerning customers all along the Main Line.

Housed alongside our Bespoke and Couture workshop, our dry cleaning operation processes each and every garment by hand with a wealth of knowledge and expertise not found anywhere else.

We are so confident in our ability to safely and effectively clean any garment that we have never requested that any customer sign a waiver of any kind; this policy is unique to D&B.

We invite you to come visit our shop to learn more about the dry cleaning process and how to best care for your garments, both at home and professionally.

Tips & Tricks


D&B is pleased to offer formal wear rentals for customers who do not yet own a tuxedo. Fittings can be performed in our Newtown Square shop.

Please visit our partner, Black Diamond Formal Wear, for basic information, and come visit our shop for details.