About US

The Shop

Situated on Chapel Road in historic Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, the D&B shop has stood for nearly half a century as a bastion of old-world craftsmanship and timeless style. The inviting gardens outside hint at the beauty and care of the craft performed within.

Inside, an array of rich fabrics and stylish garments lines the walls, helping visitors to imagine the limitless possibilities offered by the bespoke and couture tradition. The unfinished garments on display throughout the store demonstrate the care and attention that goes into every stitch of D&B clothing.

The Designer

Master Designer Gabriele D’Annunzio personally works with each client to design every garment that bears the name D&B. The son of a master tailor, Gabriele learned the craft as a young boy in Italy, where he and his siblings raised silkworms for the fabric industry. After moving to America, he began working professionally as a tailor at age 15, hand-assembling the armholes on suits.

Gabriele’s passion lies in fitting his clients from Philadelphia and the Main Line with the finest bespoke and couture garments available in America. His attentiveness is the backbone of D&B’s superlative personal customer service. Gabriele works with each client individually to achieve a perfect fit and to help them design their one-of-a-kind suits, dresses, coats, gowns, and shirts.


The most discerning men and women from Philadelphia and the Main Line have chosen D&B as their custom bespoke and couture clothier for decades. In general, our customers prefer anonymity and we gladly respect their privacy.

Here are some of our hall-of-famers, whom we would like to acknowledge for their loyalty.


Sartorial excellence means combining superlative craftsmanship with undeniable style. Master Designer Gabriele D’Annunzio, ever knowledgeable about contemporary and historical styles, practices the art of marrying individual tastes and current trends with solid stylistic foundations.

Every traditionalist must also display modern awareness, and every trendsetter must draw on traditional elegance. The interplay of simplicity and complexity, of boldness and subtlety, and of tradition and imagination separate D&B custom garments from even the most expensive ready-to-wear designer collections.

Gabriele guides each customer through the design process, from the selection of color and fabric to the placement of seams, buttons, and pleats. Paramount in the design process are the garment’s form and fit; every line falls perfectly so that style manifests itself on the individual wearer rather than on a model, mannequin, or hanger.

This comprehensive, client-centric design philosophy distinguishes D&B from other clothing makers and has been the cornerstone of our success for generations.